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Working with Best Choice Benefits


These are just a few of the benefits we offer our Best Agent Team

  • Plenty of Home Buyer and Seller leads… Our aggressive multi-channel marketing efforts generate a steady stream of qualified buyers and seller prospects to share with our agents. Buyers register and request showings of specific properties, so you'll have a warm reception when you call them. Sellers inquire and ask for a market valuation of their home. They are already contacting us, so the rest is up to you to close the deal. You'll have more buyers and sellers that are ready to do business with you, so you can grow your business income fast. We will help you with a source of prospects right away, so you can get a jump start on building a strong pipeline of business... We generate a lot of Buyer and Seller leads from company paid advertising efforts, so if you need more lead prospects to work with we have leads available on a referral basis.

MOST IMPORTANTLY.... You’ll be cashing larger commission checks real soon, simply because we have a better commission split for our agents

  • No Monthly Desk Fees We are a virtual network company, so you can choose to work at the office or from your home office with your personalized Best Choice Virtual Office Suite. The system is loaded with all the personalized marketing materials that you can customize. It also has a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management System to help you organize your efforts and stay in touch with new clients and past clients to get referrals and repeat business.
  • When you join the Best Agent Team we want you to become successful as quickly as possible, so the first thing we do for you is build your own personalized State-of-the-Art website. It’s designed with precision Geo-target systems to help generate more local Home Buyer and Home Seller prospects. One of our Marketing Specialists will help you personalize the site and it will be up and running in no time, so you can get right to work. There is no cost or fee to build your custom website that is designed to help you get a quick start. Then we will show you how to maximize lead generation and follow up efforts with minimal effort. Your website will be Search Engine Friendly so you will begin to generate leads in the community you work in. We will teach you how to generate more prospect leads. We know how to do it and we will share our knowledge you! 
  • Coaching If your not too busy and are willing to dedicate sufficient time to follow up, we'll even help you with fresh prospect leads we generate from our extensive multi-channel advertising and marketing efforts on a referral basis. 
  • Personalized Website Your personalized mega-marketing website is part of your Best Agent benefit package at no monthly cost to you, just for being a Best Choice team member. It is designed so you can promote your real estate business with ease. You can also utilize the Virtual Back Office to manage your data base with a powerful CRM and all the marketing tools you will ever need.
  • The Best Choice System is ideal for busy agents We are a virtual cloud network company utilizing the latest technological advancements and Systems that make it easy to Automate your Marketing Efforts. You can choose to work at the office or from your home office with your personalized Best Choice Virtual Office Suite. You can log in from anywhere which will free up your time to travel or manage your business from the field.
  • Seasoned Top Producers - Team Management Commission Overrides Season Professionals with management skills have the opportunity to participate in team management and build your own business within our company. This is an opportunity to build your own Best Agent Team while earning more income with team management overrides. Joining the Best Agent Team will be the best career advancement you will make in your real estate business. 
  • Professional Staff to support your efforts We also have Marketing and Advertising Specialist on staff to help you learn how to promote your business with proven systems that will get you more buyers and sellers. Dedicate some time to attend these specialized learning sessions and you will learn a lot that will help you grow your business.
  • Referral System We have an in-house Buyer and Seller referral system, so you can share deals with the Best Agent Team Members that service other areas out of your immediate service area and share the compensation.
  • Advanced training systems We know that professionals want to learn more, so we offer ongoing advanced training. You can log on anytime an access our virtual training classroom and learn at your own pace. You can also call or text an experienced Real Estate mentor to get the answers to your questions. Our reputation depends on our well trained agents, so we are dedicated to helping you become one of our Best Agents. 
  • Customized Advertising and Marketing Materials We also offer a wide array of personalized marketing materials to help make you stand out amongst your competition. The personalized materials will help you build and brand your reputation as one of the best agents to do business with in your market area.
  • Back Office Support Team Our back office support staff will help you coordinate the processing of your transactions, so you'll have more successful transactions and more satisfied clients.
  • Team Management Opportunity When your business begins to grow, at Best Choice you have the potential for advancement to a team management position and earn management override commissions. 
  • Retirement Benefits We also assist our agents with guidance in participation in a tax deferred retirement plan to help you shelter some of your earnings and save for future retirement. This is an excellent opportunity for our agents to participate in a retirement plan to shelter their extra income.
  • We are a virtual network company, so you can choose to work at our Beautiful Easton office or from your home office with your personalized Best Choice Virtual Office Suite.
  • Set your own working schedules Work in the office or work remotely from virtually anywhere, while utilizing our state-of the art automated systems. Our virtual office system is one of the most advanced systems in the real estate business. You'll have online access from anywhere to manage your business and communicate with your customers, even while you’re out of town or on vacation.
  • External Secure VPN Log In You can log on to our cloud servers anytime and you have access to your personalized "CRM" (Customer Relationship Management) system that will help you automate many of your contact tasks, so you'll have more time to sell and list more homes. Prospect communication is delivered immediately to your smart phone so you can respond promptly. While you’re busy listing and selling real estate and making money, the Best Choice Automated prospect and customer follow up system will take over, so you can develop long term business relationships and get plenty of long term referral business.
  • Conference Rooms available  If you prefer, you can also meet clients at our sales and conference office.
  • Secure Email Accounts Every Best Choice agent is required to utilize our internal secure email systems which help protect our agents from legal liability caused by Cyber Crime
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage on all our Agents up to Two Million Dollars ($2,000.000.00) at no cost to the Best Choice Agent. (Must use secure protocol instructions, follow company policies and utilize secure email account to qualify)
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage (E&O) offers for all our Agents up to Two Million Dollars ($2,000.000.00) at NO COST to the Best Choice Agents other than nominal deductibles. (Must attend minimal internal Continuing Education training requirements, follow company policies and utilize our secure email system account to qualify)

Home Mortgage Loans and Agent Training

  • Home Mortgage Finance We even offer our agents advanced training on mortgage finance, which will help you sell more homes. Here are a few of the reasons why it's important to your success to have knowledge of home finance:
  • Your Buyers and Sellers depend on your sound advice and they want to be informed with choices of the financing options available to them when buying or selling a home. As you know, the benefits of buying that nice home in a great neighborhood is only part of the home buying process...   And, sellers need to know which buyers will be able to afford their home. Being able to show your Buyers how affordable their purchase will be, will certainly make your Buyers more comfortable just knowing they are making a sound investment in a home.
  • Your Sellers will realize that you have the knowledge to target specific buying segments, qualify the buying prospects and not waste their time with buyers that are not qualified, only to miss out on the right well qualified buyer.
  • Having this knowledge is a very important part of your real estate sales presentations to buyers and sellers, and it will help make your transactions come together. As a Best Choice Agent, you'll be able to learn more about home finance and become an expert. 

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