What will it be... up to 75% Commission Split or do you prefer 90%?

If your goal in 2022, is to take your career to the next level, do more business and earn more commission… Then you need to take a moment to read about this opportunity.

I'll get right to the point!  At Best Choice, we simply have the Best Compensation Plan! You will earn your full commission without fees!

Experienced Real Estate Professionals EARN 75% Commission on their Gross Commission to the office with No Office Fees, No Franchise Fees, No Technology Fees, No Desk Fees and No annual commission reset! Plus... we will provide you with Seller and Buyer Prospects to help you grow your business.

Experienced Real Estate Professionals willing to participate in managing their own team are Eligible for 90% Commission on their individual listing and sales production with No Office Fees, No Franchise Fees, No Technology Fees, No Desk Fees and No annual commission reset! If you don't currently manage a team, we will help you build your own Best Agent team. We will also provide you with Seller and Buyer Prospects to share with your team. Grow your real estate business with Best Choice

Best Part is... Team Managers Earn up to 25% Team Management Bonuses on their team member's commission. 

Plus... we offer our ALL our Agents the most Innovative Smart Technology Tools to generate more leads than most agents can handle.


  • No Annual Commission Reset
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Free Personalized Best Choice Website with Marketing Suite
  • Free CRM - World Class Automated Contact Management System and Desktop Access
  • Free Mobile Application providing your clients with access to the MLS System
  • Access to Buyer and Seller Prospects generated by the Company's Multi-Channel Advertising Efforts
  • In Office or Virtual Office Systems so you can work from anywhere
  • No hidden transaction fees and be immediately eligible for many of our perks and benefits.
  • Access to Buyer and Seller Leads delivered in real time!
  • Professional Liability Insurance - Errors & Omissions Coverage
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Access anytime to our Beautiful Office in Easton. Utilize office equipment, color printers, desks and conference rooms free of desk fees
  • Joining the Best Agent Team will be absolutely the "Best Career Advancement" you will make in your real estate business. 

So, If you want to grow your real estate business, Best Choice Real Estate is the place to be. Not only do we offer the most innovative technology systems and all marketing tools you need to help you do more business... We offer many other benefits! Our business systems are absolutely the Best! Below are just a few of reasons why...

Our Multi-Channel Lead Generation System will enable you to exceed your individual expectations! 

Our unique lead procurement systems generate plenty of BUYER and SELLER PROSPECTS and we share them with our agents when they are not too busy, so they can build a stronger pipeline of business. We always have plenty of leads that we generate with efforts of our Best Choice Business Development Team and will refer them to you when you need them. We make it easier to build your real estate business portfolio with awesome support systems, including lead support, so you always have plenty of seller and buyer prospects to work with.

I am sure you will agree it is time to turn up the volume of your real estate business

If you possess at least 2 years recent full time real estate experience, and have a proven track record, you are immediately eligible for our top commission splits of full commission revenue with no hidden transaction fees and be eligible many of our perks and benefits.


As a Licensed Broker engaged in your business full time, you are eligible for a Commission Split is 90% on your transactions with NO FEES. Have full access to our beautiful the office in Easton. We always have extra Buyer and Seller lead we can refer to you, if you desire to take advantage of these leads!

As a Licensed Broker, if you desire to become a Regional Manager and lead your own team, you can do so at Best Choice. We will also provide you with qualified Seller and Buyer Leads to share with your team members to help you and your team grow your business. You can operate your growing real estate business under the Best Choice trade name and business model and have access to all of our proven technology, without having the burden of a making a substantial investment or paying rent and overhead expenses. All while managing your own team of agents in a beautiful office setting and earn up to 25% Commission Override on your team's production. Plus... you will earn a Manager's Bonus check on all your agents regardless of their commission level.  The Best part is that you and your team members are all eligible for all the company perks and benefits, including E&O Insurance and full access to technology tools that will help you make more money.

Here are some more reasons why Best Choice is the Best Place to Work

  • There are plenty of business Opportunities at Best Choice!
  • Plenty of Prospect Leads available with Innovative Technology Support and our Powerhouse Lead Generation System
  • Professional Liability Insurance - E&O Coverage up to Two Million - $2,000,000.00 (how much coverage do you currently have?)
  • No Fee for General Liability Insurance up to Two Million - $2,000,000.00 Coverage
  • No annual company association fees
  • No annual reset of commission rate
  • No franchise royalties off the top
  • No Corporate Advertising Fees
  • No transaction fees or other hidden fees
  • No desk fees and you can utilize our fist class office anytime of day 7 days a week.
  • No dues
  • No Cost for Real Estate Training and Skill Enhancement Education sessions for you and your team members
  • Beautiful Office Environment at 691 Washington St, Easton, MA and innovative Virtual Office Tools, so you can work from anywhere! We've Got It All!

What are you waiting for? Act Now and start cashing more commission checks

If you need more business, we'll help you generate more prospective buyer and seller leads to help you build a strong pipeline of commission revenue. 

Most importantly... we simply have the Best Compensation Plan with no annual reset!

Bring your Team with you and start growing your Real Estate Business with Best Choice

We have a Vested Interest in our Agents

All the BENEFITS are described in more detail here: BENEFITS

Seasoned Top Producers - Team Management Commission Overrides

Season Professionals with management skills, have the opportunity to participate in team management and build your own business within our company.

  • Team Manager "Commission Overrides" and a Bonus on every transaction for full commission agents on your team. Your Team Members earn up to 75% full commission and Managers earn up to 25% on team member's production. Team Managers earn production bonus all all their team members at the full commission rate. Team Managers earn 90% on their individual transaction production.

Career Growth Opportunities:  Branch Managers and Regional Broker in Charge Opportunities are available - Mortgage Loan Originator Training Opportunities

We have a vested interest in making all our agents successful, simply because... if our agents are making money, the company is too! We will help you reach and exceed your goals!

This is an opportunity to build your own Best Agent Team while earning more income, the BEST Commission Rate while earning excellent commission override bonuses 

Joining the Best Agent Team will be absolutely the best career advancement you will make in your real estate business. 


Please let me introduce myself, my name is Phil Austin… I am the Principal Broker of Best Choice Real Estate. For those of you that don't know me, I have been involved in thousands of real estate transactions over the years in one manner or another. I have many years of expertise in Real Estate Brokerage and Real Estate Home Loan Finance. I am also a Technology and Marketing Expert and enjoy developing innovative systems. And... of course, I enjoy seeing my Agents making a lot of money and enjoy helping them build their success in their real estate business.

I would like to share over 40 years of knowledge and experience with you. So, if you possess a high degree of business ethics, which is very important to my Team of Professionals and I, then we would like to talk with you about joining the Best Agent Team of Professionals. We are looking for the best agents in the business, that will provide our clients with superior customer service and satisfaction.

At Best Choice you can be assured that your efforts are recognized. Yes! It's time to make the move and earn more money, with a lot less effort then trying to do it on your own. Whether you are full time or just looking to earn extra income, we have an opportunity for you.

Email me and send your resume or a just a short note and share your experience and career objectives. Then we can set up a time to meet to share our ideas and your career goals. If we have a match in business values, I’ll then show you how you can make more money in real estate than you could ever imagine.

Most importantly, I'd like to hear how your contributions can make the Best Agent Team excel. Let's share our expertise and grow together. Call me today. Our discussion will remain strictly confidential.

Philip Austin, Broker

Best Choice Real Estate Systems

Join the Best Agent Team

My Direct Line (508) 238-3069


Want to learn more about Best Choice, all the BENEFITS and how you can earn top commissions. Check out the details about Working With Best Choice on this page http://www.bestchoicehomefinder.com/cp/best-place-to-work

We are a Technology Rich Virtual Office company utilizing the latest technological advancements. The Best Choice System is ideal for busy Agents... simply, because you can choose to work at our beautiful office or from your home office with your personalized Best Choice Virtual Office Suite.

Best Choice Real Estate Services is a local Massachusetts firm serving many communities on the South Shore, North Shore, Metro West, South Coast, North of Boston and Greater Boston and Cape Cod communities. Our Team of Real Estate Professionals have the Knowledge, Integrity and Expertise. This is the foundation of Best Choice's quality of service.

Here is some of what we do for our Best Agent Team members

Most agents that I speak with tell me they already get high commission splits, but they don’t do a lot of business! Their Brokers don't help them grow their business or support them with Buyer and Seller leads. Those agents also have a lot of out-of-pocket expenses and Fees and more Fees that cut into their commission income. We have the systems and the No Fee concept for agents that want to make more money. Why not take advantage of increasing the volume your real estate business .

If your current Broker is not providing you with all the tools you need to succeed and a continuous supply of Buyer and Seller prospects, then you need to see for yourself what we do for our agents. We invest in the success of the agents that want to be one of our best agents.

We’ll provide you with fresh and motivated Buyer and Seller Prospect leads delivered in real time as the buyers and sellers begin their home buying experience or their selling process, so you can build a strong commission pipeline. No need to be frustrated with the lack of quality Buyers and Seller prospects…

At Best Choice, we recognize your efforts with our superior compensation plan and provide you with the most advanced training and business builder tools you will need to excel in growing your real estate business. All you need is the desire to excel, the motivation and desire to be one of our Best Agents in your community.

We are certain you will have the opportunity to earn more income at Best Choice!

We also offer all the systems and tools you will need to do more business, including a personalized website designed to capture and manage your own qualified buyer and seller prospects, in addition to the prospect leads we provide to you.

We also have an integrated personal contact management system that will automate your communication, marketing and sales promotion tasks and organize your business. If your desire is to learn more about being the Best in the business, we offer routine One-on-One and Online Training and a continuing Sales Skill Enhancement Coaching. All you need to do is participate and you’ll be on your way to more income than you can imagine.

We know how to be successful in the competitive real estate business, simply because management personnel are seasoned Top Producing Real Estate Professionals with years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Advertising. If you are interested in the latest technology in marketing, we have that expertise too. Plus we offer hundreds of Personalized Full Color marketing brochures, post cards and email campaigns to make YOU look good. We will help you brand your name as one of the Best Agents in the business.


If you are newly licensed and if you are looking to join a company with a team that has the highest level of professionalism, we would like to meet with you. We have a comprehensive team member approach to help you learn the business the best way with one on one coaching.


We'll even help you get licensed and offer a comprehensive training program to get you a fast start in the business.

MANAGE YOUR OWN OFFICE - Branch Partnership or Licensed Opportunities now available in select areas

Learn more about us and how you can earn top commissions will less out-of-pocket expenses http://www.bestchoicehomefinder.com/best-place-to-work

Join the Best Agent Team.

Philip Austin, Broker

Call Me on my direct line (508) 238-3069

Best Choice Real Estate Systems

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What are you waiting for? Let's get started!